Dismissed: The Pokémon Company now banning Sword/Shield players who deliberately disconnect from matches


The Pokémon series is no stranger to exploits. Even the newest titles in the franchise aren’t immune from glitches. Not too long ago, a bug was discovered in Pokémon Sword/Shield. It allows users to manipulate the outcomes of online matches. By powering down your Switch into Sleep Mode at a certain point, losers are able to not be deprived of points, while winners do not gain any, either. The Pokémon Company warned of bans for players who abuse this quirk. Now, it’s making good on its threat.

Don’t ruin the Pokémon Sword/Shield competitive scene

Here’s what The Pokémon Company said about the flaw last month:

We are able to confirm that a number of players have been disconnecting from the Internet to manipulate their win/loss records for online battles and tournaments.

From now on, if we determine that players abuse this bug for their own gain in online battles and tournaments, we will not hesitate to temporarily ban or even permanently ban players from accessing online play in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Since the corporation mentions permanent bans, you know it means business.

According to the website Pokemon-Matome, these punishments are starting to roll out. If you’re a dirty combatant, it’s best to be careful at this point in time. Or just stop doing the exploit altogether. Your rank isn’t worth a permaban.

Enthusiasts, have you been abusing this trick in Pokémon Sword/Shield? Let us know in the comment section below. We won’t judge you. Outwardly.

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