Switch storage gets cheaper – SanDisk 200GB microSD card now just $22

Every Switch system comes built-in with a paltry 32GB of storage, and not all of that is useable by the owner. If you’re growing your game collection either mostly or entirely by means of the eShop, then running through the built-in storage will happen in no time. That’s why one of the first extra purchases alongside any Switch should be a microSD card. Thankfully, they’ve come down in price significantly over the years, and now you can get eight times the storage space for less than the average game. SanDisk’s 200GB microSD offering is currently going for just $22 (USD) on Amazon.

This deal is accompanied by similarly low prices on even larger cards. Although not on sale, the 256GB variant of the card can be nabbed for just $35. The hefty 400GB model is currently on sale, but that’ll run you $49.99.

SanDisk’s (currently) largest microSD card is the 512GB model which is also on sale for $74.99; quite the price tag, but chances are you won’t fill it up for years to come. That said, even the original focus card of this piece (the 200GB model) should be more than enough for the average Switch owner.

microSD Nintendo Switch

Large is getting small

Most Switch games aren’t very big, and even the largest ones like the NBA 2K titles tend to be oddballs rather than the average situation.  Thus, if you’ve yet to purchase a microSD card for your Switch or are a new customer who’s trying to build their starter kit, I’d highly recommend shooting for at least 200 or 256GB if possible, especially at these prices.

Back in 2018, I purchased a 156GB microSD card for the same price that the 200GB option is now going for—showing just how drastically storage prices have dropped since the earlier days of the Switch.

Nintendo has actually future-proofed the system by allowing it to support cards that are up to 2TB; something that doesn’t even exist yet. Not to mention that there’s no way such a card could even be anywhere near filled by just sitting in a Switch.

Nevertheless, eventually, microSD cards with that capacity will hit the market and will thus end up making the more humble storage sizes drop even lower in price. This will be even more perfect of a situation for budget-conscious consumers, which is the market the Switch appeals to in the first place.


A.K Rahming
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