Switch sales contribute to ‘record gaming console revenue’ for Nvidia

Nvidia switch sales Nintendo Switch record

You’ve probably heard a thing or two about how well Nintendo Switch has been selling this year. A global pandemic has forced people inside, with many turning to gaming as an entertainment source. This trend is extremely beneficial to gaming hardware and software companies, with Nintendo reporting very positive fiscal results. However, it isn’t just Nintendo benefiting from the Switch specifically; Nvidia is making bank as well.

Nvidia is the manufacturer behind the internal chipset used for Switch systems. Basically, a lot of Nvidia tech powers the console. As a result, the incredibly high hardware sales from Switch right now are certainly pleasing Nvidia, as the manufacturer mentioned the Switch in a recent earnings call.

Colette Kress, CFO of Nvidia said, “We also have record gaming console revenue on strong demand for the Nintendo Switch,” in the conference. In regards to other platforms, the company spoke about GeForce Now, its cloud streaming service. However, the company doesn’t have its hands anywhere else in the major console pie. At present, rival company AMD manufactures the chipsets seen in all the recent and upcoming PlayStation and Xbox systems.

Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro

You’d think then that Nvidia would be keen to keep the partnership going. With Nintendo Switch Pro rumors still doing the rounds, we’d expect to see another Nvidia chipset present in that device. In the call, the company did say, “Stay tuned for more devices to come in the near future.” Sadly, no formal hints have been made towards a Switch Pro just yet.


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