Switch Pro rumors point toward OLED display and 4K docked mode

Nintendo Switch Pro vs. PlayStation 5 & Project Scarlett Xbox 4K OLED rumor

Nintendo Switch Pro rumors continue, for better or worse, and as usual, proceed with skepticism on everything you read here. That being said, a new datamine from prominent console hacker SciresM suggests that an upgraded Nintendo Switch model has been in the works for about “1.5-2 years.” The hacker’s findings were shared to ResetEra, including even more discussion of potential 4K functionality and an OLED display in Switch Pro.

SciresM states the new hardware is codenamed “Aula.” The idea of 4K is still floating around for Switch Pro. Although, SciresM speculates that a higher-res chip may be situated in the dock itself as opposed to the tablet but cannot confirm that. A Mariko chip will additionally allegedly allow for better cooling and battery life.

The handheld screen may be getting an upgrade of its own regardless. The console hacker says that the tablet could be an OLED display this time out, much like what we saw in the original PlayStation Vita model.

Switch Pro rumor SciresM

Other rumors from last year pointed to a 2021 release date for Switch Pro, in addition to industry analysts this year, so let’s wait and see. In the meantime, take this fresh batch of details with a huge pile of salt until we hear official confirmation from Nintendo.


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