Switch Pro Controller + Super Mario Odyssey bundled cheap at Walmart

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It used to be we could all casually hate Walmart for its shady business practices, but now it has so much competition in the hate-you department from the likes of Amazon and other amoral corporate behemoths. So perhaps we should set our hate aside and just appreciate an awesome deal: Walmart has opened preorders for a “Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with Super Mario Odyssey Full Game Download Code,” releasing Sept. 10 for a mere $99.99.

Normally, a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller costs $69.99 by itself, whereas Super Mario Odyssey typically costs $59.99. The fact that this bundle only costs $99.99 is kind of spectacular. For those who don’t already own these things, there’s really no good reason to pass this bundle up, unless you’re dedicated to owning your Nintendo games physically. But heck, even then, maybe turn the digital download code into somebody’s Christmas gift. It’s a good deal!

For docked gaming, I’ve almost literally never used the Joy-Con; I pretty exclusively use my Pro Controller, and I’ve always been happy with it. Likewise, despite my preference for 2D gaming, Super Mario Odyssey just might be the best dang Mario game ever made. So this Nintendo Switch Pro Controller + Super Mario Odyssey Walmart bundle is a beautiful thing in my book.

Will you be picking it up? Or are you content to just get your hands on Super Mario 3D All-Stars for now?


John Friscia
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