Switch passes NES in lifetime sales

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Recent Nintendo quarterly reports revealed that the Switch enjoyed powerful sales numbers between March and June, which brought the hybrid console’s lifetime sales to around 61 million, just shy of those of the mighty Nintendo Entertainment System. Once you factor in some newly available weekly sales data for Japan (compiled by Famitsu), the Switch has officially passed up the NES with at least 62.03M units sold.

By averaging over 100,000 console sales a week since the beginning of July (once again, that’s in Japan alone), including a whopping 173,338 just from August 3 to 9, the system made short work of the remaining gap between it and the NES. In fact, its current lifetime sales are likely much higher than 62.03M, especially if its sustained momentum in Japan indicates the story everywhere else.

The Switch is enjoying a historic sales year considering Nintendo’s relative drought in software, likely thanks to COVID-19 lockdowns and a few heavy-hitters like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Paper Mario: The Origami King doing more than enough to pull their weight in a relatively dry year for the system. If the console keeps selling at such an unbelievable pace, it should surpass the 3DS’ lifetime sales total of 75.87 million before too long – there’s a holiday season coming up, after all.


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