Switch Online to add Panel de Pon, Wild Guns, more to NES/SNES lineup

May 20 Nintendo Switch Online NES SNES games Operation Logic Bomb Panel de Pon Wild Guns Rygar release date

Much like Mighty No. 9, Nintendo Switch Online is better than nothing. How much you care to praise it beyond that will certainly differ from person to person. Regardless, Nintendo is taking its next microscopic step to further expand its collection of free NES and SNES titles available through the service. This time around, on May 20, Rygar will be added to the NES collection, while Operation Logic Bomb, Panel de Pon, and Wild Guns will be added to the SNES collection. As Nintendo notes, this brings the total collection in Nintendo Switch Online to over 80 games.

Rygar from Tecmo is a sidescrolling platformer with some open-ended adventure elements tossed in that was looked back upon fondly enough to inspire a Wii/PlayStation 2 follow-up many years later. Operation Logic Bomb from Jaleco is an action game where you go around shooting and blowing up everything that moves. (I assume it has a rich and beautiful narrative.) Panel de Pon from Intelligent Systems you’ll probably know better under its international disguise: Tetris Attack, meaning a classic puzzle game experience is in store. And finally, Wild Guns from Natsume is a shooting gallery game with a western flavor — and giant robots. The game seems to be remembered fondly by those who played it.

Will these additions inspire thousands of new signups for Nintendo Switch Online? Nah. But people are freaking out about Panel de Pon, which is pretty cool to see. Let us know what you think of these four new NES and SNES additions coming on May 20.


John Friscia
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