Switch On Podcast: Is the Pokémon DLC a good thing?

Switch On Podcast Pokemon DLC

The Switch On Podcast is back in action following the recent Pokémon Direct! Game Freak kicked things off by unveiling a Mystery Dungeon remake, but that was just the beginning. The bulk of the video presentation was spent on upcoming expansion passes for Pokémon Sword and Shield. Each game is getting two paid DLC updates adding in new areas to explore, a new story to unravel, 200 (total) new and returning Pokémon, and more.

These latest Pokémon games faced a lot of controversy at launch, so how will the DLC fair? And what does all of this mean for the future of the franchise? Join Ben, Kelly, and Steven as they break it all down and give their thoughts and predictions! You can watch the YouTube version below or listen to the audio-only version on SoundCloud by clicking here.

Switch On Podcast: Is the Pokémon DLC a good thing?

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