Switch ‘Mini’ rumors continue with comments from Nvidia fiscal analysts

Nintendo Switch Mini

Since 2019 has kicked off, there’s been a growing number of reports about new models of the Nintendo Switch coming out soon. Nintendo has declined these reports, but they continue nonetheless. The latest update now comes from comments made by analysts in relation to Nvidia’s latest fiscal report.

Now you’re playing with new power?

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Nvidia is the creator behind the Tegra X1 chipset that powers the Switch. Nvidia’s latest financial report has revealed that sales of chipsets have dropped, but Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is confident that sales will increase soon. Huang didn’t specifically mention his reasoning behind this, but this could potentially tie into the reports of a new Switch model allegedly being on the way.

In a report from Bitcoin News, Wall Street Analyst Harlan Sur said that “…we expect seasonal growth (augmented by ramp of second-generation Nintendo Switch) for the remainder of the year.”

Christopher Rolland then weighed in with a statement of his own, agreeing with Sur’s words on the Switch. Rolland actually specifically mentioned what type of new Switch model is allegedly on the way, saying that Nintendo is “expected to a launch a cost-reduced version of the device.”

Going back to the previous rumors, allegedly Nintendo is creating an upgraded version of the Switch, unofficially dubbed the ‘Switch Pro’. The other model is a nerfed version, meant for budget gamers that has been unofficially dubbed the ‘Switch Mini’. So, Rolland’s comments line-up with the Switch Mini half of the rumors.

So is this thing happening or not?

Honestly, it’s still hard to say. With Nintendo continuing to keep its mouth shut, we literally can only know for sure if and when a formal announcement is made. But, history may very well likely repeat itself. Leading up to the initial official reveal of the Switch back in October 2016, there was a tsunami of rumors from all kinds of sources. While a lot turned out to be either somewhat true or just flat-out wrong, there were some that were spot-on such as the fact that the Switch is a hybrid device that uses cartridges, has detachable controllers and is powered by an Nvidia chipset. Yes, all of that was reported on before its reveal.

That said, considering the frequency that these ‘new Switch’ rumors have been churning out lately, it seems extremely likely that either a new model or new models are on the way. Even though it’s been confirmed that an announcement won’t be made at E3, that certainly doesn’t stop Nintendo from dropping an announcement out of left field later down in the year.

Our Ben Lamoreux recently published a very informative write-up on a lot of what’s going on in this situation, such as how, according to another analyst, it appears Nintendo has been trying to increase shelf space at retailers in preparation for a new Switch model. Make sure to give it a read below.


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