Switch Mini: Chinese company already making accessories for rumored device

Switch Mini accessories Honson

The video game industry has been absolutely swarming with rumors of new Switch hardware for months now. Countless news sites and industry insiders have leaked the existence of an alleged “Switch Lite” or “Switch Mini” that’s supposedly launching later this year. Just recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo is currently making two new models in Southeast Asia. Nintendo still hasn’t commented on the rumored hardware, but we think there’s some truth behind the rumors.

Switch Mini incoming?

The plot thickened again recently with yet another source mentioning a Switch Mini. This time, the talk is coming from a Chinese company called Honson Gaming. They make a selection of accessories for various gaming platforms, including Switch. Yesterday, they reached out to CptnAlex of WickedCoolToys and Jakks Pacific with an interesting new lineup. According to their email, they will soon be selling Nintendo Switch Mini accessories, including a carrying bag and screen protectors. Do they know something we don’t?

Switch Mini accessories Honson

It’s possible that Honson just jumped the gun or bought into the same rumors that we’ve seen ourselves, advertising to retailers before you know a product exists is pretty bold. The Honson advertisement contains an image of the alleged Switch Mini, but it’s unclear if these are the real deal or just a placeholder mock-up.

Meanwhile, Nintendo continues its silence on the matter. President Shuntaro Furukawa has commented just once, and that was only to say new hardware wouldn’t appear at E3. Several outlets, including Eurogamer and Bloomberg, expect a Switch Mini to launch sometime this Summer. Japanese publication Nikkei expects a Fall release. At this point, its existence seems like the industry’s worst-kept secret but its launch date is still a mystery.

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