Switch network maintenance set for April 20 to prepare for “update data”

Nintendo Switch ver. 10.0.0 update firmware controller button remapping system data transfer Nintendo-Switch-Settings-Gears-Maintenance-Network-NE

Nintendo is planning a fresh round of maintenance for its Switch network services on April 20, 2020. Nintendo performing maintenance isn’t really anything out of the ordinary; that’s done fairly regularly every few weeks. What is namely is that this particular round of maintenance is apparently for the “distribution of update data.” That’s a really vague description (which also isn’t too surprising for Nintendo).

This description may very well be referring to that of an upcoming firmware update for the Switch. I personally have never seen Nintendo post a message like this prior to a system update, however. But the way it’s worded does at least allude to that.

If this really does end up being a new firmware update for the Switch, perhaps it might end up being a rather major one, considering the fact that it’s apparently been given a soft announcement of sorts ahead of time. Assuming that it is, hopefully, the Switch OS will finally be outfitted with some heavily-requested features like folders, additional UI themes, and perhaps even a fully-fledged Internet browser. Clearly, this is all speculation as of right now. We’ll have to wait at least ten more days to see what Nintendo’s little message is truly all about. For context, the previous system update was released just a few weeks; albeit it was a small one.

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