Switch is currently selling as well as PS2 and PS4, but behind Wii

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Nintendo recently released its updated sales figures for the Switch. Worldwide, the console currently sits at over 41 million units sold. It’s been two years and seven months since the console launched, so this number is very positive.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad did what we does best and has created a variety of charts breaking down this figure. One particular chart shows how the Switch is faring against other high-selling consoles; the PS1-PS4, 360, and Wii. Turns out that the Switch is currently mirroring similar performance levels to that of the PS2 and PS4, though its falling behind the Wii.

At first glance, it might seem a bit disheartening that the Switch is tracking behind its grandfather. Even so, it doesn’t mean that it can’t still surpass it. The PS2 is still the best-selling home console of all time, and the PS4 just recently surpassed the Wii’s global sales. So, the Switch is still very much in a position to break the Wii’s 101 million milestone as the years go on.

The Switch Lite will no doubt continue to bolster sales going forward, in addition to the hybrid nature of the flagship Switch continuing to capture strong attention just as it’s been doing since launch. As the years go on, hopefully the Switch brand doesn’t go south as the Wii did due to it being a fad. But, the market has shifted quite a bit since those days, so the Switch has even more reason to remain strong as it continues to run its course.

For the sake of comparison, Mr. Ahmad also whipped up a chart that shows how the console is faring against its direct family. It should go without saying that the Switch is currently flying higher than the Wii U, but it’s also outpacing the 3DS, coming in closer to the original Nintendo DS. The DS still stands as Nintendo’s best-selling game system of all time, so this is a good position to be in, even if it is still fallingĀ  shorter than the original Wii:

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