Giveaway: Play with your food in All-Star Fruit Racing

All-Star Fruit Racing

I’ve always hated racing games. I’m not incredibly competitive and I don’t enjoy going around in loops a billion times to get a slightly lower time than the last time I looped around, so racing in general has just never really appealed to me. Kart racers, however, have always been the exception to the rule. It’s generally a much more lighthearted experience where bright colors, fun mascots, and combat elements shine over the tedium of regular racing.

Switch owners, you’re looking for a new kart racer, right? If so, enter below to win All-Star Fruit Racing!

All-Star Fruit Racing

All-Star Fruit Racing is the colorful new kart racer that encourages you to play with your food. Unleash the power of fruit as you roll oranges, fire watermelons, and lob lemons at your opponents to get to the finish line. The game’s features include:

  • Play single-player with up to three friends in 2-4 player split-screen multiplayer
  • Race through 21 colorful, head-spinning, gravity-defying tracks set across Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Special Islands
  • Select from 22 fruit-based characters bursting with personality, each in possession of a unique power-up
  • Collect fruit as you race to unlock audacious power-ups and mix-and- match fruit juice to access a cocktail of ultra-powerful skills capable of turning the whole race upside-down
  • Win championships to unlock additional vehicle parts and skins to build your own kart from over 32,000 possible variations
  • Tackle three different difficulties and a range of mode including custom championships, drag races and elimination battles for the ultimate racing game experience

How to win

To sink your teeth into this juicy title, comment below with your favorite fruity weapon. I’ve been known to use the Avocado Gash to knock out my opponents. How it works is when trying to slice an avocado, my hand slips and I plunge the knife into  my palm. It happens every. Damn. Time. Thus, opponents will flee in terror at the prospect of having to cut one of those suckers!

We have three Switch keys to give out for North American accounts. Winners will be drawn Saturday, September 22.

All-Star Fruit Racing is available now for Switch. Check out Destructoid for more chances to win!

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