Switch firmware update 6.0 datamined

September is almost here and in case you missed it, Nintendo’s paid online service is set to launch in the second half of September. Fans have been speculating whether or not we’d see a new firmware update arrive with the online service, and thanks to hackers we have the answer.

Switch firmware update 6.0 has been uploaded to Nintendo’s online servers, which has allowed hackers to uncover all the details. As expected, the majority of the update pertains to the new online service with not much else being added. Check out some of the new features below:

  • Nintendo Switch Online subscription support with a new slogan “More Games. More Features. More Fun.”
  • Save data cloud backup
  • New Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker user icons of Toad, Toadette, Wingo, and Draggadon
  • New controller icons that include Famicom, NES, and SNES/ Super Famicom

There are certainly some interesting features listed here, especially the classic controller icons. Does this mean the Switch will be getting classic controller support? Of course, none of this has been officially confirmed by Nintendo so don’t get too excited just yet.

Make sure to stay tuned to the site for future updates and let us know your thoughts on this possible 6.0 firmware update.


Veronica Carusi
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