Pocket coin-ops: Enjoy your own mini-arcade with Switch Fighter

Switch Fighter

The Switch is home to some great arcade games. Fighters, beat-em-ups, shooters…all of these genres are well represented on the console. Also, it has some sweet sticks for those of us who want to replicate the arcade experience. But what if we want a less bulky alternative? A new accessory, named Switch Fighter, looks like it’s the definitive answer to that question.

I can’t get over how compact Switch Fighter looks

Donations for making Switch Fighter a reality recently went live on Indiegogo. There’s even a promotional video, as well:

I’m really into this. I love the six-button layout, which is perfect for titles in the Street Fighter and King of Fighters series. And you can use this add-on with a big-screen television since it’s also a dock.

There are two downsides:

  1. You can’t fit the Switch vertically in the box. I get that would mean a customizable top half but it looks awkward as it is now.
  2. I don’t see a toggle to switch between D-pad and Analog-stick. If the joystick is mapped to the D-pad, games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will not function properly (your fighter would only be able to taunt).

As of writing, this project has hit $7,063 of its $120,254 goal. If it does get made, it will (hopefully) ship in November and has a suggested price of $153 ($99 if you back the concept). I’d say donate if you are interested because $99 is less than the bulkier official sticks available on the Switch. You have 45 days to will this idea into tangible form.

Enthusiasts, are you pledging your support and money to Switch Fighter? Let us know below.

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