eShop wishlist glitch results in fake leaks for Super Mario 3D World Switch

Super Mario 3D World

If you follow many gaming accounts on Twitter, you may have seen images of a Switch eShop page for Super Mario 3D World floating around. If you got your hopes up, I’m sorry to hear it, because this “listing” was not the result of a quiet announcement or leak – it came from a wishlist exploit that lets players view pretty much any Wii U or 3DS game from the Switch eShop.

According to Nintendo Everything, by simply adding a title from any platform to your wishlist from Nintendo of Europe’s website, you can view it from the Switch system. The pages will not translate between consoles perfectly, but items such as screenshots will appear just fine. That explains the Super Mario 3D World screenshots we all saw floating around yesterday.

I imagine that this whole endeavor will be shut down soon, if it has not met such a fate already. Watch out for more fake leaks in the meantime – as badly as I want Super Mario 3D WorldPikmin 3Kid Icarus: Uprising, and more on Switch, any eShop pics you see over the next few days are likely doctored by an opportunistic wishlister. It’s too bad that these are fake, but hopefully, enough people know not to trust what they see floating around Twitter feeds by now to avoid mass dupes. And hey, if you did get fooled, take solace in the heavily substantiated rumors that Super Mario 3D World will in fact make its way to Switch sometime soon.

Nick Pearson
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