Switch eclipses 41 million thanks to a strong start for Switch Lite

Switch Lite 41 million

Nintendo has completely turned their fortunes around this generation. After Wii U struggled to find an audience and ultimately sold only around 13 million units, Switch has been a massive success story. The hybrid console eclipsed its predecessor’s sales in just one year, and it didn’t slow down afterward. Nintendo hoped to push its sales total even higher by launching a cheaper, portable-only version of the console. Switch Lite debuted on September 20, and it got off to the hot start Nintendo was aiming for. Thanks to this, the overall Switch family has now eclipsed 41 million total sales.

Switch Lite pushes sales past 41 million

Nintendo’s latest earnings release (July 1 – September 30) puts total Switch sales at 41.67 million. In the last report, that number was 36.87 million. In other words, Nintendo sold around 4.8 million Switch units over the past three months. The report further demonstrates that Switch Lite accounted for 1.95 million units. That’s around 40% of the quarterly total. When you consider the fact that Switch Lite only had 11 days on the market to reach that number, it’s quite impressive!

More importantly, Nintendo still has a massively lucrative holiday schedule ahead of it. Switch Lite is expected to be a perfect stocking stuffer, as the $200 price point is much more affordable. Nintendo typically amasses around 50% of its sales from Black Friday through New Year’s Eve. At the rate they’re going, that 41 million number could easily eclipse 50 million by the end of the calendar year.


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