Marketing 101: Nintendo UK Switch commercial clearly defines what makes the console so versatile

Switch commercial

The Nintendo Switch is a sales behemoth. Part of the reason for that is Nintendo’s clear messaging of the device’s capabilities. You can play it inside, outside, use a kickstand, get a portable-only version, etc. Nintendo UK knows this and decided to air a special Switch commercial that depicts the system’s features in a clear, concise way.

A Switch commercial that features cool British accents

Take a quick look at the impressive clip below:

Fantastic work, Nintendo UK. You have friends, loners, parents, and schoolkids all joining forces to enjoy the variety of titles the Switch has to offer. That guy who got hit with a Blue Shell probably ended his friendship with that one lady, though.

Looking at this commercial in its entirety, I’m reminded of how much variety the Switch provides. Pokémon Sword and Shield, Super Mario Odyssey, Ring Fit Adventure, Dragon Quest XI, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games…there really is something for everybody. The advertisement also does a good job of displaying the compact, portable Switch Lite in contrast to the OG Switch. It’s all about having options!

Fellow enthusiasts, did you feel emotional during this Nintendo UK Switch commercial? Do you mostly game alone or with companions? Will this video help move more Switch units this holiday season so the console rules the entire world? Let us know your thoughts below!

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