Switch Clips: Zelda II desperately needs a remake on Nintendo Switch

Switch On Switch Clips Zelda II remake

We recently kicked off the Switch On podcast here at Nintendo Enthusiast, and we have two episodes out so far. For those who don’t have time for an hour-long discussion, we’ll be releasing short video clips. Each clip focuses on just one fun or interesting segment from the most recent podcast and adds some more visual flair. For our first clip, we’ve got a discussion on why Zelda II needs a remake and how it could be improved for new audiences. Check it out below!

Why Zelda II needs a remake on Nintendo Switch

If you enjoyed that clip and would like to see or hear more, make sure to check out the full podcast! This episode is available on YouTube and on SoundCloud. If you have suggestions for future discussion segments, leave a comment and we’ll try to work it into our schedule! We’re also open to feedback about the podcast’s format in general. In the coming weeks we’ll likely be experimenting with some new segments and seeing what works.

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