New Switch bundle comes with $35 eShop credit: What should we buy?

Nintendo Switch bundle $35 eShop code credit

Ah, the big N has a heart after all. As announced on social media, Nintendo will be selling a limited-time bundle for Nintendo Switch that comes with a free $35 eShop credit code that you can apply toward any game your heart desires. According to a press release, Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says the intent here is to help gamers get started with their first Switch purchase.

I actually envy the people who buy this particular Switch bundle, because the eShop is so loaded with awesome titles (and admittedly not so awesome titles) and $35 is enough for one or maybe even two outstanding indie games. So let me throw a question your way: What should new Switch owners buy with this credit? Recently, I’m quite fond of Wargroove and BQM -BlockQuest Maker-, but what are your recommendations?


John Friscia
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