Give your Switch 1TB of storage with this microSD card

Dr. Mario chases microSD

Owning a large enough microSD card is a problem thatĀ some Switch owners have encountered. When you consider the number of digital downloads available (games, demos, Hulu, and screenshots), you can see your storage space eaten up pretty fast. We’ve also seen recent times where a game releases in physical form but then receives numerous updates and patches.

To relieve some of this storage-stress, the solution for many has been to simply buy a new microSD card. Of course, this also means transferring your data via PC. But, is there one card to rule them all? SanDisk might be poised to take this position, as they’ve recently released a 1TB microSD card to the retail market for a breezy US $449.99.

What you need to know

I’m part of a couple different Facebook groups geared towards Nintendo gaming. One in particular consists of both Nintendo Switch day-one purchasers and newcomers. Even with that, the most common questions I see are geared towards specifics on which microSD cards are the best, or which ones are recommended.

The official Nintendo website does have a Q&A section dedicated to information regarding compatibility when adding storage to your console. For those who might not remember, there was an additional update that rolled out in order to support microSDXC cards. This will usually mean the best transfer rates for data, which is an important feature necessary for the 1TB card from SanDisk.

Is it theĀ best buy?

It’s really hard to determine if something like this microSD card will drop in price anytime soon. Many places will tell you that the general cost per gigabyte is going down, thus becoming cheaper for consumers. There are plenty of options on the market to jump to 128GB or even 500. However, these all pale in comparison to having as much storage as your desktop PC, laptop, or even your Xbox One X. That is, if you’re willing to empty out your wallet in order to not fill up your Switch.

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