SWERY is teasing some Deadly Premonition 2 news for the near future


Over the weekend, SWERY took to Twitter to tease some Deadly Premonition 2 news. He also shared some updates about other games that his studio, White Owls, is working on at the moment.

First things first, SWERY is happy and healthy, which is great to know in these troubling times of coronavirus (COVID-19) and lockdowns. It also seems like working from home hasn’t harmed any of the projects that the studio was working on. Right now, White Owls is developing Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing In Disguise, The Good Life, and a new mystery project.

When it comes to the news we’re concerned about, SWERY simply says that it will be coming this week. We don’t know when exactly this news will drop, but you can be sure we’ll report it as soon as we see it.

As for the mystery mobile project, this is the first that SWERY speaks of it. Due to the pandemic, many gaming events such as E3, GDC, and Gamescom have been cancelled. It’s possible that White Owls intended to reveal this mystery project at an event that many people would be watching. The same could also be said of Deadly Premonition 2 in this case; without these events, however, developers like White Owls are free to share reveals about their games whenever they see fit.

What do you hope to see this week concerning Deadly Premonition 2? What are your predictions for this mystery mobile game? Let us know in the comments.


Jamie Sharp
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