SWERY game The Good Life shows off updated visuals and new gameplay

the good life update

Back in 2016, acclaimed Japanese developer Swery announced that he would be forming a new studio called White Owls Inc., with the goal of exploring unique stories and games that he couldn’t make elsewhere. One of the first games to be revealed by this newly formed studio was The Good Life, a Kickstarter-funded game about a young photographer who travels to a small town where all of its inhabitants turn into animals at night. Early footage of the game was promising, but a little rough. Thankfully, a new development update video has been released by White Owls showing off some vastly improved graphics and gameplay for the debt repayment adventure.

The new development status update video for The Good Life shows off comparisons of the original prototype demo of the game to the current version of the title, and the differences are staggering. While the blocky, stylized art style remains intact, characters look miles sharper than they previously did, and environments are full of detailed textures and gorgeous lighting that blows the original demo out of the water.

We also get a look at some new gameplay, as we see The Good Life protagonist Naomi Hayward moving around potted plants, garden gnomes, and cafe plates in order to set up a slick photo and upload it online later on.

The Good Life is set to come to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2020.


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