Supermarket Shriek brings goat cart racing to Nintendo Switch soon

Supermarket Shriek shopping cart racer Billy Goat Entertainment Pqube Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Steam announcement trailer

Publisher PQube and developer Billy Goat Entertainment have announced that Supermarket Shriek will be screaming its way onto Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam this year. The game’s premise is fairly simple but also completely bonkers. You control one man and a goat, both of whom have been strapped into a shopping cart and thrown into a number of supermarkets at breakneck speed.

Whilst steering this duo around a supermarket is probably enough for a game all on its own, there’s more. Each supermarket is filled with physics-based puzzles for you to work through. These include steering around huge jam spills, avoiding false flooring that will send you flying into the air, and navigating conveyor systems.

In order to steer your way through each level, you’ll need to make the goat, the man, or both characters scream. The man’s scream will push the kart one direction, while the goat’s will push it the other, and a simultaneous scream from both will move the kart forwards.

The game originally launched for Xbox One, but Billy Goat Entertainment has promised that this new version will have even more content packed into it. The story mode will consist of 38 levels, including a supermarket named PIDL that should be familiar to any U.K. readers. There will also be three “chaotic PVP Party Modes” for two-to-four players, though how this game could be any more chaotic is hard to imagine.

Stay tuned for a release date for Supermarket Shriek on Nintendo Switch.


Jamie Sharp
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