Supermarket Shriek brings shopping cart racing to Switch next month

Supermarket Shriek shopping cart racer Billy Goat Entertainment Pqube Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Steam announcement trailer

Supermarket Shriek dropped into Xbox Game Pass last year as an Xbox console launch exclusive, being a kart racer where a man and goat take turns screaming in order to propel a shopping cart in the right direction. Now, the title is heading to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam, and a release date been revealed. This wacky co-op kart racer launches on Oct. 23, if you fancy celebrating Halloween slightly differently this year.

Supermarket Shriek was initially revealed for Switch back in July, accompanied by an announcement trailer. As the clip covered all upcoming platforms, that footage shown was likely for the PC version. We haven’t seen it running on Switch just yet. Mind you, it shouldn’t be too demanding, and we’d expect it to fit right at home on Switch as a co-op racer.

This one is made for couch co-op, but it contains a bunch of different modes and options. In single-player, there are 38 stages covering obstacle courses, head-to-head races, and even a mode where you’re tasked with knocking over tins of beans. On the multiplayer side of things, three PvP modes will test your supermarket skills. Shopping List is a race to knock certain store items over, Sumo is an arena-based brawl, and the standard race mode delivers online races on a variety of supermarket-themed courses.

Get ready to scream when Supermarket Shriek launches Oct. 23 on Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

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