Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update is soon, urges video save backup

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ver. 8.0 update is soon, urges video save backup back up video saves

Nintendo has announced via Twitter that the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ver. 8.0 update will release within a week, likely arriving June 29 to coincide with the release of new DLC character Min Min as per usual. In addition to her, expect fighter adjustments too of course. But mostly, Nintendo’s social media post serves as a PSA to convert your existing video replays before the update drops. Big updates can make replay data from older versions of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate incompatible with the latest version, so back up those video saves.

It was only a couple days ago that we got the news on the new character, a new level, new outfits, and even a look at Masahiro Sakurai’s front room! Min Min and Spring Stadium are the character and level to arrive from the world of Arms, and we’re getting a selection of new outfits too. These include Vault Boy from Fallout, Ninjara from Arms, Tekken’s Heihachi, and Callie & Marie from Splatoon.

Hopefully we find out soon about what fighter adjustments are coming. Balancing updates typically aren’t severe enough for casual fans to notice, but the competitive scene will surely be watching closely.

Are you looking forward to all the additions and changes coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

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