Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans trend #FixUltimateOnline on Twitter

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In a show of discontent over the perpetually sucky online in Nintendo games, fans of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate all over Twitter got #FixUltimateOnline trending on Thursday night in a mass venting session. Despite Nintendo now charging for online service, playing over the internet is still a consistently laggy experience (remember Sakurai telling us all to buy ethernet cables?), and several facets of online play are needlessly held down by mindbogglingly frustrating design. Fans around the world are understandably annoyed. Do any of them expect Nintendo to do anything about the situation? Probably not. Some acknowledgment from Nintendo would be nice, but otherwise, I certainly don’t expect any action: death, taxes, and crappy Nintendo online.

The hashtag grew so big that even a few popular tweeters weighed in with specific grievances. YouTubers, professional Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players, and many more hopped into the discussion. Check out a sampling of the most popular #FixUltimateOnline tweets below.

To say that watching Nintendo struggle in many of the same ways that it did with the Wii is annoying would be an understatement. Especially now that they’re charging us (even if it is a measly $20 a year), I’d love for some smoother operations in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and other games, but that just hasn’t been in the playbook thus far. Nintendo Switch Online still needs a lot of work.

Nick Pearson
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