Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tops Splatoon 2 lifetime retail sales in Japan


Splatoon 2 had long been the top-selling Nintendo Switch game in Japan, but Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just changed that. The fighting title just passed 3,066,906 units sold at retail, edging by the 3,058,082 Splatoon 2 units sold, according to Famitsu.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate moved 23,756 copies last week, while Splatoon 2 did just over half that at 12,233 copies sold.

Nintendo doesn’t track digital sales, making it impossible to know which game truly reigns supreme. Regardless, it was only a matter of time before Super Smash Bros. Ultimate caught up in sales to the relatively new, colorful shooter. Despite the undoubtedly huge Splatoon 2 crowd in Japan, there’s no combination like Smash and portability. The game has already sold a staggering 13.8 million units worldwide.

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate already surpassing Splatoon 2 in Japan at just over 3 million copies sold, how many units could the title sell overall, when the Switch is no longer Nintendo’s primary console on the market? Could another Switch game top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in Japan? Be sure to drop your thoughts and predictions down below, in our comments section.


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