Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stages ‘took upward of a year to complete’

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Game Director Masahiro Sakurai revealed to Famitsu that “some stages took upward of a year to complete.” Sakurai also dispelled any notion that stages ported from previous games require little work.

If you include Battlefield, Big Battlefield, and Final Destination, then there are 103 stages–104 if you also add in the Training Stage. And if you factor in the Omega and Battlefield variants, then you have over 300! It’s absolutely insane. I imagine you’ll have a hard time even finding the stage you want to choose on the select screen. Despite how it may look, stage creation is one of the aspects of development that requires a lot of manhours. Even though many have been ported over from previous games, updating the graphics takes a considerable amount of work, and some stages took upward of a year to complete. The Omega and Battlefield variants aren’t easy to put together, either. Despite struggling to gather the necessary human resources, we made it our mission to put together 100 stages, so I hope you enjoy them.

In the interview, translated by Source Gaming, Sakurai also discusses the 27 hours of music produced for the game’s soundtrack, new features like Squad Strike, and the challenges of new characters like King K. Rool.

Thomas Ella
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