Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage select glitch crashes the game

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage select glitch crashes the game Small Battlefield final destination

A player by the name of @linkendophoenix has discovered a new game-crashing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage select glitch found after the release of update 8.1.0. GameXplain made a video on the issue to show it in more detail. It involves the Battlefield stages and Final Destination.

How does it work?

This Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage select glitch can occur when you pick one of the Battlefield stages or Final Destination. You need to press Y to go to the music selection screen. At this point, pick any random track, but you need to press Y once again. This should give you a preview of the track. Press Y again to pause the track. Head back to the main music select screen and select the “All” option, which picks a track from any of those available in the game. This will take you back to the stage select screen, and here you just need to select your stage again. At this point, the game will crash.

This issue seems to only be present on the Battlefield and Final Destination stages. These stages have a different interface when it comes to selecting music, taking players to an entirely new screen. All other stages have a music select interface that slides out from the right-hand side of the screen.

This is a really specific glitch to pull off, and most players probably won’t trigger it naturally. However, @linkendophoenix clearly managed to stumble upon it, so other players must have as well. It looks like the developers made an oversight while building the extended music select interface for the Battlefield stages. We’ll just have to wait and see if a patch comes out to address this new glitch quickly or not.


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