Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Why Olimar is so powerful

Olimar Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Alright, here we are on the fourth article where I tell you exactly why the character that keeps wiping the floor with you in online is so powerful. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the most difficult game in the franchise to balance because there are just so many characters, which means some have better tools at their disposal. And there are a few, like Captain Olimar, who have almost every tool at their disposal. Olimar has always been high in the tier lists, ever since Brawl. Sure, he’s a light character that is dependent on how his Pikmin are used, but that’s just how technical characters work.

Best zoner in the game

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Brothers Captain Olimar

First, let’s talk about what a “zoner” is. Say you have a friend who plays Samus, and all they do is spam projectiles and then run away when you get close. That can be described as zoning. It means controlling the zone or space of the stage, including with projectiles, pure pressure, or grabs. Olimar can do all three. His Pikmin are great projectiles that quickly rack up damage, his throws can KO, and he’s a bit unpredictable, which makes for great pressure.

Not an easy character to master

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Brothers Captain Olimar

Olimar needs a highly technical player in order to be used to his fullest. The Pikmin mechanic means that the player controlling him must constantly be aware of which Pikmin is first, what they do, and when to use them.

Some Pikmin are best as projectiles, some are best for grabs, and some are even only best for certain smashes. It’s a lot to keep in mind while focusing on winning, and if you’re not into that type of character, than Olimar may not be for you.

Overall move set

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Brothers Captain Olimar

His smashes have a longer range than most. That means he can safely get away after using a smash if the opponent is blocking. His specials are frankly boring but are purely there to help him build combos when interspersed with tilts and attacks. He has meteor spikes, is able to juggle opponents, and has a wide array of combos.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, Olimar is a light character with a pretty predictable recovery. But if played right, you’ll rarely be hit. His specialty is annoying his opponent and making sure they never touch him. The best way to fight against him is to make him waste his Pikmin. Or keep him busy and overwhelmed so he can’t accurately use his Pikmin.

What do you think? Have you had any trouble fighting against Olimar? Do you think he deserves the top-tier ranking people have been giving him? Let us know down below!

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