Super Smash Bros. Ultimate live tournament happening this Sunday, will Nintendo announce anything?

What Switch game have you put the most hours into?

The Japanese Nintendo YouTube channel just announced that at 10pm Eastern time on July 15th, they’ll be hosting an official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Mario Tennis Aces tournament at Jump Victory Carnival.

Now, this could just be a random tournament — a GameFAQs user translated the text, and it reads that Nintendo will be hosting a “winning challenge” in both games where visitors and customers compete to get three consecutive wins. But is that really all there is to this?

Personally, we think this means that fan favorite Tennis Ball from Mario Tennis will finally be confirmed as a playable character, along with Peach Court as a playable stage. Either way, set your reminders for this Sunday night and do your best to quell any unrealistic hopes (Geno, Isaac, Waluigi, Karate Joe, a full single-player adventure mode COME ON NINTENDO PLEASE IT’S NOT THAT HARD JUST REMAKE SUBSPACE EMISSARY) and just watch this for what it’s likely to be: a tournament where they don’t announce anything at all.

Unless this is where they announce 25 newcomers. Either way.

Start your rampant speculation in the comments and then prepare to be disappointed when it turns out just to be an announcement of another invitational tournament.

Sam Greszes
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