Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Why Isabelle is so powerful

Isabelle Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

And we’ve finally made it, the last in the series of articles where I tell you what Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters are innately strong. Some of you may have been surprised by my Olimar pick; I mean, he’s just so tiny. But he is actually one of the best, though I tried to spread out my picks among the tiers at least a little bit.

We’ve got super-tier arguably overpowered characters, mid-tier juggernauts, and now high-tier annoyances with the fluffy devil called Isabelle. Isabelle is almost an echo fighter of Villager; both of their play styles are radically different from that of most of the other characters. She is the definition of an annoying character, and she truly needs a technical hand in order to perform her best.

Why she’s so frustrating to fight

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Isabelle Villager Animal Crossing

Firstly, I haven’t seen a character this overwhelmingly adorable since Baby Groot. Isabelle is a sugary-sweet character from the absurdly positive setting of Animal Crossing. So when a character that “happy-go-lucky” unforgivingly tears you a new one, it’s that much more infuriating.

All of Isabelle’s moves are made to look quaint, charming, and adorable. And it turns out, her most terrifying weapon is a fishing rod! When played “correctly,” she is in constant control of the pace of the match, edge guards like no one else can, and racks up damage at mach speed.

All her special moves

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Isabelle Villager Animal Crossing

Isabelle’s smashes are decently strong but a bit short ranged. Honestly, the specials are where her tools come out to play. In contrast to Villager planting a tree, Isabelle instead plants a Lloid Rocket in the ground with her down special. This automatically pops up if walked over, pulling you into a multi-hit combo. Her up and neutral specials are the same as Villager’s with minor aesthetic differences, but her side special is where she truly shines.

Isabelle throws out a fishing rod for her side special, and when it hits an opponent, it reels them to her and she gets a free throw off of it. It can be blocked or dodged, but if she misses, the line lands on the ground. If you walk over any part of the fishing line and Isabelle presses a button, you’ve been caught. So you can see why it is so strong. The throws are powerful and it’s probably the best area denial move in the game. Truly the bread and butter for a player that likes to see others suffer.

What about her other attacks?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Isabelle Villager Animal Crossing

What about them? It’s all about the fishing rod! No, but in all seriousness, her tilts, smashes, and aerial moves are all at the very least mediocre. She really doesn’t have a “bad” move in the bunch. Her up-smash is probably the most unique; the closest comparison would be that it is similar to Palutena’s. With her forward- and back-air, she pecks you with a slingshot, much like Villager does.

Ultimately, Isabelle isn’t some powerhouse fighter that KOs in a single blow, nor is she some speedy combo queen. She’s a light, average-speed puppy who thrives on thinking ahead and poking at the other players.

Remember, if you didn’t know any of the terms in this article, check here. But did you expect this pick? Have you played against a “good” Isabelle yet? If so, I hope you made it out okay. Let us know your thoughts down below!

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