Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC roster has leaked… maybe

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC roster DLC characters

Back when the Star Wars prequels were in development, some people lived on the fan sites, soaking up every rumor and maybe-spoiler they possibly could. Parsing truth from lies ended up being half the fun. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is garnering that same sort of interest with its DLC roster, with new rumors cropping up every day. We’re trying not to go overboard with our coverage of such rumors at Nintendo Enthusiast, but this latest batch is just weird enough to be worth reporting.

Back on Dec. 9, a user on Japanese forum 5Channel (Beware NSFW advertisements.) posted the alleged remainder of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC roster. Granting a little legitimacy to the poster’s claim is that he or she also referenced “P5R” (Persona 5 R) before anyone else had leaked its existence, including a different 5Channel leak post. This is by no means a guarantee that the following list is accurate. Nonetheless, here’s what the user claims as the remaining four DLC characters, following Joker from Persona 5:

  1. Erdrick, protagonist of Dragon Quest III
  2. Ryu Hayabusa, protagonist of the Ninja Gaiden series
  3. Steve, the default Minecraft character
  4. Marine/Doomguy, protagonist of the Doom series

Erdrick Ryu Hayabusa Steve Minecraft Doomguy DLC roster

Rumors have been swirling about the inclusion of Erdrick in Ultimate for a while now, and dataminers have discovered game data for a future sword-wielding character codenamed “brave.” It’s not a huge stretch to think this could be Erdrick, considering Dragon Quest is a cultural phenomenon in Japan.

About Ryu Hayabusa, the 5Channel poster claims his appearance will tie into a 30th anniversary Ninja Gaiden event, which will allegedly either be a new game or a remaster. This is strange, considering the series will actually have its 31st anniversary in 2019. Still, Ninja Gaiden is a pretty famous and well-respected property, so that doesn’t rule Ryu out.

Steve from Minecraft and Marine from Doom are awfully eye-popping picks though. The poster claims both will be announced at E3 2019. Steve will allegedly have Alex and Master Chief palette swaps, and he was originally intended to appear in the main roster but was pushed back to promote Minecraft: Dungeons DLC. Marine meanwhile will have a Doom 64 appearance palette swap and will promote Doom Eternal.

True or not, this rumor is definitely a fun one for the imagination. What do you guys think? Do you buy into it, or is this just bogus rumor #5803? Personally, I’m really hoping Erdrick is legitimate, but I’m not too attached to Steve and Marine.

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