Super Smash Bros. Melee\'s Spot at EVO 2014 is Undetermined

Undeniably, one of the biggest success stories of 2013 was the Super Smash Bros. Melee hype train – the campaign to get Nintendo’s beloved all-star fighter, released all the way back in 2001 for the Gamecube, pushed the community to its very limits with a massive donation drive and a lot of social media attention. Even after all the work put in by community members, Nintendo almost halted the effort at the last minute. While Melee was eventually cleared and ended up being one of the most watched fighting game competitions ever, this year may turn out a little differently.

Yesterday, Mr. Wizard of EVO was invited onto the iPlayWinner \”The Fray!\” podcast, where he disclosed the full line-up of games for this year’s EVO 2014 event. Sorely left out from the line-up? Super Smash Bros. Melee. Shoryuken has this to say regarding the issue:

Last year’s Smash event was amazing, and what the Smash community has done over the last year has been inspirational. We still have room in our lineup for Smash, and we’re in discussions with Nintendo regarding a possible role for Smash in 2014.

So, as long as all parties cooperate, Smash Bros. should be able to take its place on the line-up once again. If not, it’s likely that another game like Tekken or Skullgirls will fill the void. Meanwhile, Nintendo has issued this statement addressing the situation:

While we are engaged in preliminary discussions with Evo about their upcoming event in July, the potential role of any Nintendo software at this event is undetermined at this time.

Everyone should cross their fingers in hopes that Nintendo and EVO can work out a deal to allow Melee to rejoin the event. Otherwise, we\’ll miss out on what\’ll be just as hype of a tournament as it was at last year’s EVO, if not more exciting.

Although Melee is the prime candidate to represent Smash at EVO, we still have Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS on the horizon. However, considering there is still no clear-cut release date for either game, there doesn\’t seem to be much of a chance of these installments being released before this year’s EVO.

Major League Gaming, on the other hand, is steadfast in their support of the Smash series. Later this month, they\’ll be supporting ESI Shuffle V, a tournament at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio – featuring Super Smash Bros. Melee, Brawl, and Project M. All proceeds will go to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, while the event will be streamed on Unlike EVO, this is a grassroots event sponsored by MLG, not an actual MLG Pro Circuit event itself.

Dakota Lasky