Passion pasta project: Video game animator is developing an unofficial title based on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show


If you grew up in the 90s, you remember the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Featuring pro wrestler Lou Albano as Mario, the program mixed live-action segments with animated ones. It’s not as good as I remember, save for Lou’s epic Do the Mario, but it was a cool concept for the time. One nostalgic fan has decided to create something special based on his fond memories of the show: a video game.

How come Nintendo never created a Super Mario Bros. Super Show game?!

Industry person/fanatic Jesus Lopez is behind the Super Mario Bros. Super Show game. Jesus has worked as an animator on some big titles, such as Ducktales Remastered and Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero. The man knows how to create beautiful art:

Watching YouTuber SwankyBox’s coverage of the passion project, you get the sense Jesus really nails the show’s bizarre landscapes. A lot of care went into creating Pasta Land, an environment from the cartoon that really spoke to Mario’s Italian heritage. Jesus spent years making the hand-drawn characters in his proof of concept, which is a 2D sidescrolling stage.

This labor of love is stunning. Mario and the gang look vibrant and cartoony. The level is reminiscent of Super Mario Bros.‘ 1-1, the most recognizable stage in all of gaming. Also, Jesus’ kids are consulting and coding on this endeavor, and they aren’t even teenagers yet! It must run in the genes. Although, one word of advice: Mario’s running animation is too similar to Sonic’s. Don’t mix the two eternal rivals!

Enthusiasts, if you would like to keep up with Jesus’ creation, check out his channel. Are you as impressed with his work as I am? Is it time for a Super Mario Bros. Super Show revival? Let us know below!


Arthur Damian
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