Super Shadow the Hedgehog statue teased by First 4 Figures

super shadow the hedgehog statue nintendo switch

First 4 Figures has released a teaser trailer for its next release, a Super Shadow the Hedgehog statue. The latest figure looks pretty incredible, featuring no one’s favorite hedgehog in his ultimate form. The trailer gives nothing away of the actual statue, but it does make you want to spend as much money as it will take to make it yours.

This trailer shows off just a quick 3D render of what the Super Shadow the Hedgehog statue will look like. The full resin statue is in development, but that’s not what you’re looking at. I imagine that it takes a long time to make something that looks this good; right now the company is just getting the word out about it. You can sign up for updates on when it’ll be ready and from which retailers.

Sega is already gearing up for the 30th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog next year. First 4 Figures is almost certainly aiming to get this statue out the door in time for that. A Shadow the Hedgehog statue is a change of pace from Sega plastering the Blue Blur himself on everything, and I’m sure fans will be eager to get their hands on it as soon as it’s released.


Jamie Sharp
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