Super Rare Games bringing physical Steamworld Heist, Assault Android Cactus +, and more to Switch

Super Rare Games Assault Android Cactus +

Physical indie specialists Super Rare Games teamed up with popular YouTuber Wood Hawker (BeatEmUps) to unveil cartridge editions of seven indie games slated for Switch this year. Their next wave includes several favorites, making for a very compelling list overall: Assault Android Cactus +Steamworld Heist: Ultimate EditionThe Sexy BrutaleMechstermination ForceFreedom FingerDarkwood, and Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition. Check out Wood’s video below to see each game in action.


On top of showing a bit about each of the seven games, the video also gives a satisfying overview of some previous work by Super Rare Games. They’ve brought tons of beloved indie titles to Switch already, such as Snake Pass and Mutant Mudds Collection, and World of Goo is on its way. They’ve built up a heck of an impressive library, especially when you factor in this newest batch of games.

With these versions of each title aimed specifically at physical collectors, it would be a serious shame if any additional downloads were required to play these games in their full glory. Luckily, as Wood says in his video, Super Rare Games has confirmed that the Dandara cartridge will feature all content from the upcoming Trials of Fear edition, and that Steamworld Heist will also contain all of its DLC on the cart.

As a bit of a physical purist myself, I love seeing what companies like Super Rare Games are able to accomplish, allowing collectors to enshrine some of the Switch’s best indie games with a coveted spot on the shelf. Are you interested in picking any of these up? Do you have anything from Super Rare Games already in your collection? Personally, I’m most intrigued by Steamworld Heist and Assault Android Cactus +, but as Wood says in his video, all of these games look exciting and fun to play.

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