Super Nintendo World gets a “Grand Opening” trailer

Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World is closer than we all thought. While the park was initially supposed to open in Japan in Spring 2021, we learned last night that the official opening date has been set for a bit earlier: February 4, 2021. To commemorate the occasion, we got some new photos and a video walkthrough of the AR Mario Kart ride, but we’ve also got a shiny new “Grand Opening” trailer. Check it out below, courtesy of the Universal Studios Japan Official YouTube account.

As a short and sweet video with plenty of colorful, mesmerizing shots of Super Nintendo World, this trailer gets the job done as a hype-builder. This park looks so damn cool, and I cannot wait to see how people like it when it opens next February. I especially cannot wait to see how the park expands in years to come, as there is so much potential for various Nintendo franchises when it comes to theme parks. We should see some seriously cool stuff coming out of this park in the years to come.

Now that we’ve got an opening date and an official unveiling, how are you feeling about Super Nintendo World? Are you dying to make a visit, or do you think you can do without what we’ve seen thus far?


Nick Pearson
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