Super Nintendo World opening set for March 18 in Japan

Super Nintendo World opening Universal Studios Japan Osaka Thursday, March 18, 2021 USJ

After several delays, Nintendo has announced that Super Nintendo World will receive its opening at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka on Thursday, March 18, 2021. The park opening had most recently been delayed indefinitely back in January due to COVID-19 still posing a sufficient threat to the region. Despite that, rehearsals continued, and ultimately many hours of high-quality footage of Super Nintendo World were released online. Now, the public will get to fully experience Super Nintendo World upon its true opening on March 18.

Let’s just hope that vaccine distribution continues ramping up wildly in tandem. The park will apparently open at limited capacity with a numbered ticketing system. Additionally, our friend Google Translate suggests that health measures will be strongly enforced and masks will be required in the park, like the below image also indicates.

While Super Nintendo World in Japan is finally opening this month, the wait for the park at international Universal Studios locations will be substantially longer. We recently learned that Super Nintendo World likely will not finish construction at Universal Studios Orlando until early 2025, since the construction is currently returning from a long hiatus. Meanwhile, it is uncertain when the park will finish construction at Universal Studios Hollywood.

If you live in Japan or if you plan to be poked full of vaccine and eager to travel soon, then Super Nintendo World is surely your destiny. The rest of the world will go on waiting a while.


John Friscia
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