Super Nintendo World Japan rehearsals go ahead despite delayed opening

Super Nintendo World rehearsal Universal Studios Japan USJ Osaka

About a week ago, the grand opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka was delayed once again. This is through no fault of Nintendo or Universal mind, as we’re all still grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. It doesn’t seem to have stopped things going on behind closed doors though, as a technical rehearsal went ahead at Super Nintendo World yesterday.

Multiple reports of the event appeared on social media, along with more images of the exterior of the park. Signs were spotted announcing the technical rehearsal, which took place Jan. 19. While more of these may occur between now and whenever the park opens, it appears we might not see much more of the park interior.

Alongside the Super Nintendo World rehearsal signs, Universal has issued a warning to those partaking in the event. The park has asked people on site to not upload photos or videos of rehearsals prior to the park’s grand opening. Universal obviously doesn’t want the experience of the park leaking ahead of time, although it would’ve been interesting to see what’s going on inside.

Some of the posts do reveal more of the outside and the merch shop though. There are huge Nintendo character banners all over the place, and we have to admit these look pretty amazing. The merchandise store itself has seen some more stock too, and we really wanna try that Chef Toad mushroom risotto. Here’s a video tour of what can be seen right now:

Super Nintendo World Japan was due to open Feb. 4 but is currently delayed indefinitely.


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