Super Nintendo World comes to life with new video of spinning coins

Super Nintendo World Super Mario coins spinning coins

The nature of 2020 so far has us all yearning for happier times, when traveling far and wide and visiting epic theme parks were our top priorities. Thankfully, Super Nintendo World construction is ongoing in Japan and America, with the Osaka, Japan site on track to be ready this year at Universal Studios Japan. Whether anyone will be able to visit in 2020 remains to be seen, but thanks to a clip on Twitter, we do know one thing — the Super Mario coins will spin!

You didn’t expect these golden morsels to be static, did you? The coins at Super Nintendo World will rotate just like their in-game counterparts. It might not seem like much, but the movement adds to the magic that Mario will bring to Super Nintendo World. We know a ride themed after Mario Kart will be there, so likely much more Mario-flavored ornamentation is still on the way.

This 18-second clip alone has us very excited for the finished park, which will hopefully still be ready in 2020. If not though, we can rest our heads knowing that, at least one day, Super Nintendo World will be a reality and we can all explore these game worlds in real life.

What Nintendo franchise do you want to see most at this new Universal park?


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