Why Super Nintendo World will be the best theme park EVER

Super Nintendo World Japan

Unless you’ve been trapped in a castle for the last year, you’ve probably heard that Nintendo is building what promises to be the world’s greatest video game theme park, Super Nintendo World.

Early descriptions and photos show that this will truly be a video game wonderland come to life. For the players who have always wanted to see the Mushroom Kingdom firsthand, Super Nintendo World will be the best theme park ever!

Nintendo and Universal Studios are spending over $500 million dollars on the project, which will be an expansion of Universal Studios Japan. Just from the few details we have so far, both companies are guaranteed to make that money back in spades when the park opens in July of this year.

The United States will also be getting its own version of Super Nintendo World (as part of Universal Studios Florida), but not until 2023.

To get an idea of how insanely awesome the park will be, check out the official Super Nintendo World theme song, “We Are Born to Play,” and get a look at some of the park’s concepts:


Super Nintendo World’s real-life Mario Kart

One of Nintendo’s most beloved games is getting its own attraction. While it’s not entirely clear how it will work, a Mario Kart ride has been confirmed. Although it may seem like a no-brainer to make the ride an actual drive-able track, firing turtle shells and launching off sweet jumps may not be the most insurance-friendly move. That said, it’s likely the ride will be a roller coaster that will simulate some of Mario Kart‘s greatest moments.

Thanks to a demo from Universal’s International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions 2018 convention, we may have gotten a sneak peak at how the Mario Kart ride could work. The system showcases a dark ride combined with a rail system to create a hybrid that would be perfect for simulating the twists and turns of the Mario Kart world. Check it out in the video below:

Playing the game for real

In order to get everyone in the spirit of all things Nintendo, visitors to the park will receive “Power Up Bands” that sync with smartphones and enable a number of features. The companion app will download an interactive map to your phone to track your location and progress.

Visitors will then be able to collect digital coins, take on challenges, and compete with other patrons. While the purpose of the digital coins is still unclear, there’s a great deal of speculation as to whether they’ll be solely for bragging rights or used toward some kind of digital or even physical reward. There are six different styles to the bands, so visitors can choose a favorite and go exploring! You can see an early look at the bands in the tweet below:

Have fun storming the castles at Super Nintendo World!

It’s been confirmed that both Bowser and Peach’s castles will figure prominently into the design of the park and serve as major attractions. No details have been shared as to the functions of the castles, but one can imagine the atmospheric qualities of both will be captured. Don’t count on balls of fire flying past you in Bowser’s castle, though!

super nintendo world
Source: @LCAStudios_USJ

We’ve also gotten a look at how some of the moving attractions will work, courtesy of some observant Twitter users:


Even though we can see the mechanics of the moving clouds, it’s totally worth it to see our video game dreams become a reality!

What else would you like to see in the park? How excited are you for the U.S. version of Super Nintendo World? Sound off below in the comments!

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