Official Super Monkey Ball Twitter account asks fans what should come next

Super Monkey Ball 2 new game

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD is a month away, and while it is an unusual way to revive a series that fell from grace nearly twenty years ago, the game itself seems to be coming along pretty well. If it succeeds and brings the franchise back to competence, then several old, creaky doors will fly open once again. Yesterday, the official Super Monkey Ball Japanese Twitter account put out a poll entertaining such a reality, asking fans what should come next. The poll, which you can view alongside its results below, was comprised of two legitimate options and two freakin’ weird ones.

A whole new game was unsurprisingly the most popular choice, capturing 49% of the 7,452 votes cast. The other dominant choice was a remake of the first two Super Monkey Ball games. Considering how the series has struggled to eclipse “pretty good” since the second entry, a new game could easily disappoint. That’s why I personally fall into the “remake the first two games” camp. The other choices, meanwhile, are downright mindboggling. A combined port of the 3DS and Vita titles admittedly intrigues me, but only because the Vita version was very underappreciated, and is arguably the third-best game in the series. The 3DS game, however, was painfully repetitive and awful. Speaking of awful, I have no idea what prompted the folks behind the keyboard to list a remake of the famously bad Super Monkey Ball Adventure as an option. Seriously, what? It almost has to be satirical.

Even if this poll is unlikely to influence the future of the series, it is nice to see official Super Monkey Ball media accounts entertain the idea of remaking the best two games in the series. With Banana Blitz HD seemingly coming along nicely, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for this franchise. Hopefully, something comes of it.

Nick Pearson
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