Super Meat Boy Forever cutscenes parody game intros like Super Metroid

Super Meat Boy Forever cutscenes Super Metroid parodies video game intros

Super Meat Boy Forever is an aptly-named game, given its lengthy development cycle. But after numerous delays in shifts in direction, it’s finally out! The brutal difficulty from the first returns, but this time the gameplay is in the auto-runner style. This has been a controversial decision, as many feel it’s too big of a change. One thing that should still feel familiar is the game’s commitment to entertaining cutscenes. In fact, some of the sequel’s cutscenes should feel extremely familiar, as they’re parodies of intros from famous games like Super Metroid.

Speedrunner shredberg has collected each one of these cutscene parodies together for your watching pleasure. Each one is followed by the original game intro that inspired it, so you can compare them side by side. You can check out spoofs on Super Metroid, Contra III, and more by clicking below!

Super Meat Boy Forever cutscene parodies

Famous game intros

The full list of parodied video game intros in Super Meat Boy Forever is as follows:

Chipper Grove (Super Mario RPG)
The Clinic (Rocket Knight Adventures)
Tetanusville (Contra 3)
The Lab (Super Metroid)
The Other Side (Chrono Trigger)
0xdeadbeef (Kirby’s Adventure)

They picked a pretty fantastic assortment of classic games as inspiration! Which one was your favorite?

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