Super Mario Sunshine running on a Nintendo Switch? It’s possible.

Super Mario Sunshine - Switch

When you think of the GameCube, what game do you think of first? No, not Luigi’s Mansion. Remove that from the picture, and think again. Yes, that’s the one! Super Mario Sunshine is, perhaps, one of the greatest Mario adventures we’ve received over the years. One intrepid Twitter user brought the sunny adventure to the Nintendo Switch.

Max Keller, whose Twitter handle is @langer_hans, shared a video days ago of Mario jaunting around the pearly white beaches of Super Mario Sunshine — on a Nintendo Switch. During the video, he zooms into the upper right-hand corner of the screen to highlight the framerate which is hovering right around 30 fps. The game appears to be running smoothly with no real hiccups. Check out the video below!

Super Mario Sunshine would make a fine addition to the Nintendo Switch library. Don’t you think? I’d be on board to strap on FLUDD and dowse my way through the adventure again. For many in the current generation, Super Mario Sunshine wasn’t a game younger fans were able to experience. The prices of retro games like this one on eBay don’t make buying these oldies (but goodies) any easier. Hopefully, we can receive these classics on modern consoles in the near future!

Would you like to have Super Mario Sunshine on the Switch? If you’re too impatient to wait on a potential pipe dream of its official release on Nintendo Switch, maybe Max Keller can help you out!

Chris Hinton
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