Super Mario Sunshine has a new glitch in 3D All-Stars that quickly finishes a mission

Super Mario Sunshine

If you enjoy Super Mario Sunshine but have always really wished that you could save about two minutes and fifty seconds on the “Scrubbing Sirena Beach” mission, I’ve got some good news for you: a newly-discovered bug in the game’s port within Super Mario 3D All-Stars has seen players finishing the level in as little as ten seconds. Dataminers haven’t figured out how to replicate it just yet, but they’re racing to figure it out so that the speedrunning community can shave critical seconds off of their times. To watch the bug in action, take a look at the video below. Speedrunner Toobou only has to scrub the beach for about ten seconds before a familiar jingle signifies that he’s cleaned up enough to grab a Shine Sprite and move on.

Normally, “Scrubbing Sirena Beach” hands Super Mario Sunshine players a three-minute timer and the goal of clearing 95% of the goop off of the beach. There’s a lot of goop, so players often need the full three minutes to reach that 95% threshold. For whatever reason, however, several speedrunners have managed to earn the Shine Sprite on this level without cleaning anywhere near the requisite amount of goop. Dataminers are presently exploring a handful of different theories that might explain the bug. or example, a few have noted that these problems match up with issues experienced on an early version of popular GameCube emulator Dolphin, and have argued that an issue with the game’s emulation on Switch may be causing strange issues like speedy scrubbing on Sirena Beach and disappointingly visible debug cubes.

Despite the bugs, many are still having a great time with Super Mario Sunshine and its brethren on Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Have you managed to snag a copy? Has the port quality been an issue for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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