What Switch game could really use some DLC?

Super Mario Party 10 million

Nintendo has been a bit slow to embrace DLC for its games over the years. In the eyes of many, that’s not necessarily a bad thing – DLC has a bad rap with some gamers because a developer’s forward-looking focus on DLC can arguably diminish the product that makes it to shelves in the first place. Sometimes, however, DLC is a great way to keep a game alive for a long time after it first reachers players’ hands. A few Switch games have received DLC, but a few more could certainly stand to be spiced up. What Switch game would you like to receive DLC?

I wish Super Mario Party got some DLC in the form of new boards and minigames. I enjoyed the game a lot when it came out, and even find myself going back to it a few times a year, but its paltry offering of four boards leaves a lot to be desired. DLC could have brought a few more crucial favors to Super Mario Party. Some more boards would have worked wonders, since I have such a hard time enjoying the ones we got, and new minigames would have been appreciated (even though I love what’s already there).

What Switch game would you like to see get some DLC? Why? Let us know in the comments below.

Nick Pearson
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