Super Mario Party sells 10 million, setting a franchise record

Super Mario Party 10 million

Mario Party has been one of the most beloved party game franchises for over two decades. Talk to any longtime Nintendo fan, and chances are they’ll have plenty of great and terrible memories of competing with their friends and family over stars. All these years later, the series is stronger than ever on Nintendo Switch. Based on the numbers in the latest investor briefing, Super Mario Party has sold over 10 million copies, setting a new franchise record.

Super Mario Party sells 10 million

Most Mario Party games sell around 2 million, but a few have been standouts thanks to strong hardware sales. Mario Party 8 on Wii sold just short of 9 million, while Mario Party DS eclipsed 9 million. Sales from the past quarter (January – March 30, 2020) have pushed Super Mario Party just beyond the 10 million mark, and that number could grow much higher. Many Switch titles have enjoyed a long tail, reporting solid sales years after launch. That franchise record could be much higher by the time the next entry releases.


Ben Lamoreux
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