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20. Drop Shot

Another 3-on-1 minigame. The solo player whacks explosives at the team of three while they wall-crawl for dear life.

19. Candy Shakedown

Use the Joy-Con motion controls to angle and shake a candy jar so that every piece falls out. A satisfying minigame that moves just quickly enough to be intense.

18. Fetch Quest

A great cooperative minigame, Fetch Quest has everyone branch out to activate panels and grab some jewels that need to be returned to the center of the stage. Act fast to earn the most points.

17. Sign, Steal, Deliver

A 3-on-1 minigame where the objective is to grab packages from Toads and bring them down to a delivery truck. The three-man crew is formidable, with the ability to each carry two packages at once, but the solo player pilots a drone capable of stealing packages.

16. Sphere Mongers

It’s kind of like Hungry Hungry Hippos with magnets. Tons of metal spheres drop into the playing field, and you use a super-powered magnet to pick up as many as you can carry and drop them into your base. You can bump into others and steal their hauls, or you can keep to yourself and move quickly while everyone else fights over a few spheres.

Super mario party minigames Sphere mongers

15. Rowboat Uprising

Row, row, row your boat as quickly as you can through a raging river loaded with obstacles.

14. Trip Navigator

There are a ton of banana peels on the ground, but if you’re careful, you might be able to find a path through them. Otherwise, you’ll have to cut your losses and slip and slide to the finish.

13. Pie Hard

Toads grant a never-ending supply of pies. They’re not for eating, though–throw them at the other team’s faces to earn points.

12. Hammer and Sic ‘Em

Run through a very crowded battlefield and drop the hammer on your opponents before they do the same to you.

11. Tow the Line

You and your partner are attached by a string, and there’s a bunch of wooden pegs in front of you. Work with your partner and use the pegs to make various shapes before the other team.

10. Just for Kicks

A simple, arcadey soccer minigame. Allies are key here–stock up a few and you’ll have a steel curtain defense.

Super mario party minigames just for kicks

9. Bumper Brawl

You knew it’d be here. This Mario Party classic is back, of course, and it’s as fun as ever. To keep things interesting, your allies will deploy alongside you and complicate matters for your enemies.

Super mario party minigames bumper brawl

8. Penguin Pushers

A great cooperative minigame where you all have to work together to herd some baby penguins. The ice is slippery and the penguins scatter very easily, so some careful movement is necessary to corral every penguin on time.

Super mario party minigames penguin pushers

7. Barreling Along

Use the Joy-Con to steer a barrel. Very slight twitches can send you careening. Maintain tight balance with strong momentum to roll through this obstacle course before anyone else.

Barreling along Super mario party minigames

6. Perfect Fit

A partner minigame where you each get 3D shapes that lock into each other like puzzle pieces. You have to each angle the Joy-Con so that the shapes match up in order to score a point.

Super mario party minigames perfect fit

5. Fuzzy Flight School

Fly through a series of pipes, narrowly avoiding the Fuzzies in your way. Smooth motion controls help out here as you must navigate some extremely crowded passages. Outlast your friends and victory is yours.

Super mario party minigames fuzzy flight

4. Slaparazzi

The goal in Slaparazzi is to be front and center in a series of photos. When a photographer approaches, get right in their face and star in the photo. Is one of your friends in the way? A simple slap will push them back.

Super mario party minigames Slaparazzi

3. Train in Pain

Skirt around a crowded arena and punch your opponents on the back. Allies give you some extra protection in Super Mario Party‘s best brawler minigame.

Super mario party minigames train in pain

2. Sizzling Stakes

The best motion control minigame and the second best in the entire game, Sizzling Stakes has fantastically precise motion controls as it tasks players to cook each side of a cubed steak. Holding the Joy-Con like a frying pan (with HD rumble adding some weight to things), you have to gently shift the Joy-Con to carefully toss the cube in the air just right.

Super mario party minigames sizzling stakes

1. Dash and Dine

Super Mario Party minigames are at their best when they drive you to hair-pulling, mind-bending fits of laughter and yelling. Dash and Dine is the best example of that as a team-based minigame that is basically Overcooked-lite. Toad will give you a list of ingredients, and you and your teammate have to navigate a crowded kitchen to collect and deliver the items on the list. In true Overcooked fashion, there will be lots of yelling–the other team will get in your way, and you’re sure to bump into your partner once or twice.

Super mario party minigames Dine and dash


If you read through all of that, kudos to you. If you just checked in to see the best of the best, that’s okay too. Clearly though, with 80 minigames and very few duds, the Super Mario Party minigames lineup is nothing to sneeze at. So, what do you think of this list? Have you gotten a chance to try any of these for yourself yet? Do you vehemently disagree with my choices? Let us know below.

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